News and infos from the theory group

News and Infos from the Theory Group
Theory group paper highlighted as Editors' Suggestion in Phys. Rev. D

A recent theory group paper authored by Matthias Heller, Oleksandr Tomalak, Shihao Wu and Marc Vanderhaeghen on Leading order corrections to the Bethe-Heitler process in the \(\gamma p \to l^+ l^- p \), published in Phys. Rev. D 100, 076013 (2019) was recently chosen as an Editors' Suggestion.

Sonia Bacca elected Fellow of the American Physical Society

Professor Sonia Bacca, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU), has this year been elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). This American scientific association is acknowledging her outstanding contribution to theoretical calculations of the electromagnetic properties of atomic nuclei, contributing to our understanding of nuclear structure at the microscopic level.

"To be accepted into the circle of APS Fellows is an enormous honor for me and I am of course absolutely delighted," said Bacca. "Not only does this represent an affirmation of the quality of my scientific research but it will further enhance the reputation of the Mainz research hub as a leading international center of nuclear and hadron physics." ...

Outstanding Thesis Award goes to Alexandra Stillert

Alexandra Stillert received the outstanding thesis award of the Faculty 08 for her Master of Education thesis General Relativity and Black Holes (Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie und Schwarze Löcher). The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Scherer and has been published in the BestMasters series at Springer.

New book by V. Pascalutsa

Theory group member Vladminir Pascalutsa has published a new book on sum rules and dispersion relations. Scattering of light by light is a fundamental process arising at the quantum level through vacuum fluctuations. This short book will explain how, remarkably enough, this quantum process can entirely be described in terms of classical quantities. This description is derived from general principles, such as causality, unitarity, Lorentz, and gauge symmetries. The reader will be introduced to a rigorous formulation of these fundamental concepts, as well as their physical interpretation and applications. ...

GRK PhD Thesis Award goes to Franziska Hagelstein

Franziska Hagelstein was selected by the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions to receive their PhD thesis award for her thesis entitled "Exciting nucleon in Compton scattering and hydrogen-like atoms". The award is granted annually for a summa cum laude PhD thesis and will be presented at the university's DIES ACADEMICUS ceremony.

ERC Consolidator Grant for Prof. Harvey Meyer

Theory group member Prof. Dr. Harvey B. Meyer has been awarded a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC) for his research project "Strong-interaction matter coupled to electroweak probes and dark matter candidates". The grant, which is worth €2 million over five years, is one of the most prestigious awards in Europe. ...

Dr. Oleksandr Tomalak receives award at DIES ACADEMICUS

Image linkAs a part of the annual DIES ACADEMICUS held on May 31, 2017 Dr. Oleksandr Tomalak was presented a Department of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology Award for his outstanding dissertion titled Two-photon exchange corrections in elastic lepton-proton scattering. ...



Image linkDie Masterarbeit Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie und Gravitomagnetismus von Mark Popenco ist im BestMasters-Programm bei Springer Spektrum erschienen. ...


Award for Bachelor thesis

GutenberglogoAntonia Berger received an Award of Excellence for her Bachelor Thesis Allgemeine Relativitätstheorie mit einer Weiterbildung für Lehrkräfte. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Scherer.


Highest honors for PhD graduate

Image linkDr. Oleksandr Tomalak received his PhD with summa cum laude on October 11th. His doctoral thesis "Two-photon exchange corrections in elastic lepton-proton scattering" was supervised by Professor Dr. Marc Vanderhaeghen.



Image linkDie Masterarbeit Kausalität, Analytizität und Dispersionsrelationen von Daniel Schallus ist im BestMasters-Programm bei Springer Spektrum erschienen. ...



Image linkEine Einführung in gruppentheoretische Methoden der Physik von Prof. Dr. Stefan Scherer ist bei Springer Spektrum erschienen. ...


Theory group paper highlighted in Europhysics News

Image linkA recent theory group paper authored by Oleksandr Tomalak and Marc Vanderhaeghen on subtracted dispersion relation estimate of two-photon exchange published in European Physical Journal A was recently highlighted by Europhysics News, see [46/3].



Inaugural Lecture of Georg von Hippel

Image linkGeorg von Hippel delivered his inaugural lecture on "From Zero to Infinity in Fifty Minutes" - Eine Wanderung vom chiralen zum statischen Limes der Quantenchromodynamik. The inaugural lecture represents the last step in the Habilitation proceedings to demonstrate the scientific excellence and pedagogical skill required for appointment to a professorial position. ...


Awards for Members of the Theory Group

Image linkFranziska Hagelstein and Carsten Kleppel received Awards of Excellence for their Masters Theses.

Professor Dr. Stefan Scherer received the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz's Teaching Award.