Most recent publications


Light-by-light scattering sum rule for bottomonia radiative transitions
Victor Ananyev, Igor Danilkin, Marc Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:2005.12323 [hep-ph]

Simultaneous description of the \(e^+e^- \to J/ ψ\, ππ\, (K \bar{K})\) processes
Igor Danilkin, Daniel A. S. Molnar, Marc Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:2004.13499 [hep-ph]

Joint lattice QCD - dispersion theory analysis confirms the top-row CKM unitarity deficit
Chien-Yeah Seng, Xu Feng, Mikhail Gorchtein, Lu-Chang Jin
arXiv:2003.11264 [hep-ph]

First-principles calculation of electroweak box diagrams from lattice QCD
Xu Feng, Mikhail Gorchtein, Peng-Xiang Ma, Lu-Chang Jin, Chien-Yeah Seng
arXiv:2003.09798 [hep-lat]

Charge radius of the short-lived 68Ni and correlation with the dipole polarizability
S. Kaufmann, J. Simonis, S. Bacca, J. Billowes, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, B. Cheal, R. F. Garcia Ruiz, W. Gins, C. Gorges, G. Hagen, H. Heylen, A. Kanellakopoulos, S. Malbrunot-Ettenauer, M. Miorelli, R. Neugart, G. Neyens, W. Nörtershäuser, R. Sánchez, S. Sailer, A. Schwenk, T. Ratajczyk, L. V. Rodríguez, L. Wehner, C. Wraith, L. Xie, Z. Y. Xu, X. F. Yang, D. T. Yordanov
arXiv:2003.06353 [nucl-ex]

Benchmark calculations of electromagnetic sum rules with a symmetry-adapted basis and hyperspherical harmonics
R. B. Baker, K. D. Launey, S. Bacca, N. Nevo Dinur, T. Dytrych
arXiv:2003.05865 [nucl-th]

Low energy doubly-virtual Compton scattering from di-lepton electroproduction on a nucleon
Vladyslav Pauk, Carl E. Carlson, Marc Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:2001.10626 [hep-ph]

The rate of photon production in the quark-gluon plasma from lattice QCD
Marco Cè, Tim Harris, Harvey B. Meyer, Aman Steinberg, Arianna Toniato
arXiv:2001.03368 [hep-lat]


Neutrino-deuteron scattering: uncertainty quantification and new \(L\)\(1,A\) constraints
Bijaya Acharya, Sonia Bacca
arXiv:1911.12659 [nucl-th]

Lattice calculation of the hadronic leading order contribution to the muon \( g-2 \)
H. Wittig, A. Gérardin, Marco Cè, G. von Hippel, B. Hörz, H. B. Meyer, K. Miura, D. Mohler, K. Ottnad, A. Risch, T. San José, J. Wilhelm
arXiv:1912.01950 [hep-lat]

Lattice QCD estimate of the quark-gluon plasma photon emission rate
Bastian B. Brandt, Marco Cè, Anthony Francis, Tim Harris, Harvey B. Meyer, Aman Steinberg, Arianna Toniato
arXiv:1912.00292 [hep-lat]

Developments in the position-space approach to the HLbL contribution to the muon \( g−2\) on the lattice
Nils Asmussen, En-Hung Chao, Antoine Gérardin, Jeremy R. Green, Renwick J. Hudspith, Harvey B. Meyer, Andreas Nyffeler
arXiv:1911.05573 [hep-lat]

The leading hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment using
\(N_f=2+1\) \(O(a)\) improved Wilson quarks

Antoine Gérardin, Marco Cè, Georg von Hippel, Ben Hörz, Harvey Meyer, Daniel Mohler, Konstantin Ottnad, Jonas Wilhelm, Hartmut Wittig
arXiv:1911.04733 [hep-lat]

Muonic Lithium atoms: nuclear structure corrections to the Lamb shift
S. Li Muli, A. Poggialini, S. Bacca
arXiv:1910.14370 [nucl-th]