Most recent publications


Soft-photon radiative corrections to the \(e^{-}p→e^{-}pl^{-}l^{+}\) process
Matthias Heller, Niklas Keil, Marc Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:2108.02088 [hep-ph]

Vacuum correlators at short distances from lattice QCD
Marco Cè, Tim Harris, Harvey B. Meyer, Arianna Toniato, Csaba Török
arXiv:2106.15293 [hep-lat]

Dispersion relation analysis of the radiative corrections to \(g_A\) in the neutron \(β\)-decay
Mikhail Gorchtein, Chien-Yeah Seng
arXiv:2106.09185 [hep-ph]

Virtual Compton scattering at low energies with a positron beam
B. Pasquini, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:2106.05683 [hep-ph]

Global Vision of Precision Measurements
Jens Erler
arXiv:2105.00217 [hep-ph]

Hadronic light-by-light contribution to \((g−2)_μ\) from lattice QCD: a complete calculation
En-Hung Chao, Renwick J. Hudspith, Antoine Gérardin, Jeremy R. Green, Harvey B. Meyer, Konstantin Ottnad
arXiv:2104.02632 [hep-lat]

Ab initio computation of the longitudinal response function in 40Ca
J. E. Sobczyk, B. Acharya, S. Bacca, G. Hagen
arXiv:2103.06786 [nucl-th]

Implementation of local chiral interactions in the hyperspherical harmonics formalism
Simone Salvatore Li Muli, Sonia Bacca, Nir Barnea
arXiv:2102.11113 [nucl-th]

Isovector electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon from lattice QCD and the proton radius puzzle
D. Djukanovic, T. Harris, G. von Hippel, P.M. Junnarkar, H.B. Meyer, D. Mohler, K. Ottnad, T. Schulz, J. Wilhelm, H. Wittig
arXiv:2102.07460 [hep-lat]


Leading-order QED radiative corrections to timelike Compton scattering on the proton
Matthias Heller, Niklas Keil, Marc Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:2012.09565 [hep-ph]

 Charmonium-like resonances with \( J^{PC}=0^{++},2^{++} \) in coupled \(D\bar D, D_s\bar D_s \)scattering on the lattice
S. Prelovsek, S. Collins, D. Mohler, M. Padmanath, S. Piemonte
arXiv:2011.02542 [hep-lat]

The subtraction contribution to muonic-hydrogen Lamb shift: a point for lattice QCD calculation of polarizability effect
Franziska Hagelstein, Vladimir Pascalutsa
arXiv:2010.11898 [hep-ph]

Two-nucleon S-wave interactions at the \(SU(3)\) flavor-symmetric point with \(m_{ud}≃m_{s}^{\rm physs}\): a first lattice QCD calculation with the stochastic Laplacian Heaviside method
Ben Hörz, Dean Howarth, Enrico Rinaldi, Andrew Hanlon, Chia Cheng Chang, Christopher Körber, Evan Berkowitz, John Bulava, M. A. Clark, Wayne Tai Lee, Colin Morningstar, Amy Nicholson, Pavlos Vranas, André Walker-Loud
arXiv:2009.11825 [hep-lat]

Coulomb sum rule for \(^{4}He\) and \(^{16}O\) from coupled-cluster theory
J. E. Sobczyk, B. Acharya, S. Bacca, G. Hagen
arXiv:2009.01761 [nucl-th]