Travel by plane:

The Frankfurt/Main airport is some 30 km from here, and the Frankfurt-Hahn airport in the Hunsrück region is around 90 kilometers away.

There is a direct train connection from the Frankfurt/Main airport to Mainz. Both high-speed trains (ICE, EC, IC) and local trains (RE, RB, S8) run between both cities on a regular basis.

Timetables are available at the travel information service run by the RMV regional transport authority and the Deutsche Bahn. From Frankfurt-Hahn airport to Mainz there is a bus shuttle.

Travel by train:

A current train timetable to and from the Mainz central station ("Mainz Hauptbahnhof") can be found at the website of Deutsche Bahn.

Travel by tram or bus:

You can take the following tram or bus lines to reach us from Mainz central station (get off at Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg):

  • 51 (destination Lerchenberg/Hindemithstraße)
  • 53 (destination Lerchenberg/Hindemithstraße)
  • 54 (destination Klein-Winternheim/Bahnhof)
  • 55 (destination Finthen/Theodor-Heuss-Straße)
  • 56 (destination Finthen/Wackernheim)
  • 59 (destination Bretzenheim/Hochschule Mainz)
  • 75 (destination Schwabenheim/Ingelheim)

Detailed information about busses and trams is available (in German only) on the Web site of the Mainz transit system (

Travel by car:

Mainz can be reached via Autobahn A60 and A63. The most convenient exit to reach the University Campus is labeled Saarstraße, Gonsenheim off the A60. Follow the white direction sign with black letters "Universität".