MSc Lectures on Theoretical Particle and Nuclear Physics

The basic theory lecture in the Master Programme (Theoretical Physics 6a) is offered every semester.

Additional theory lectures can be chosen as either Topical lectures (Spezialvorlesung) or as Advanced lectures (Vertiefungsvorlesung). A lecture on Theoretical Particle Physics (QFT II) is normally offered every semester, and at least one lecture on Modern Methods in Nuclear and Particle Physics (covering topics such as effective field theories, string theory, or functional methods) is offered each semester. In the winter semester, there is typically a lecture about Symmetries in Physics and a lecture about Computational Methods of Theoretical Physics, and in the summer semester, there is typically a lecture about Lattice Gauge Theory and/or a lecture about General Relativity.

An overview of lectures offered in the Master Programme can be found on Jogustine.

Some of the special lectures offered by the Mainz Physics Academy are also open for Master students. Recent topics have included flavour physics, neutrino physics, Quantum Chromodynamics, Higgs physics, and cosmology.

Winter semester Summer semester
Theoretical Physics 6a (Quantum Field Theory I)
(4 hours lectures + 2 hours exercises per week)
x x
Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (QFT II) (3+1) x x
Symmetries in Physics (3+1) x
Computational Methods of Theoretical Physics (3+1) x
Lattice Gauge Theory (3+1) x
Gravitation and General Relativity x