Dr. Vladimir Pascalutsa

Education and Career

1998: PhD (Theoretical Physics), ITF Utrecht, Netherlands
1998-1999: Postoctoral Fellow, NIKHEF, Netherlands
1999-2001: Research Associate, Flinders University, Australia
2001-2003: Research Associate, Ohio University, USA
2003-2006: Research Associate Professor, College of William and Mary, USA
2006-2008: Assistant Professor, European Centre for Theoretical Studies (ECT* Trento). Italy
since 2008:  Staff Scientist, University of Mainz, Germany
Research Fields
  • QCD, Hadron structure
  • Dispersion relations and sum rules
  • Chiral perturbation theory
  • Effective field theories
  • Higher-spin fields
  • Dynamical systems, quantum chaos

Full list of publications from inSPIRE (inSPIRE author profile)

  • WS 08/09 - Quantum Chromodynamics
  • WS 09/10 - Quantum Field Theory
  • WS 2015 - Nucleon Structure and QCD
  • WS 19/20 - Theoretical Particle Physics
Former PhD Students