Most Recent Publications


Beam normal spin asymmetry for the ep→eΔ(1232) process
C. E. Carlson, B. Pasquini, V. Pauk, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1708.05316 [hep-ph]
Two-photon exchange contribution to elastic e-proton scattering: Full dispersive treatment of πN states and comparison with data
O. Tomalak, B. Pasquini, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1708.03303 [hep-ph]
Anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, a hybrid approach
C. A. Dominguez, H. Horch, B. Jäger, N. F. Nasrallah, K. Schilcher, H. Spiesberger, H. Wittig
arXiv:1707.07715 [hep-ph]
Estimating the two-particle K-matrix for multiple partial waves and decay channels from finite-volume energies
Colin Morningstar, John Bulava, Bijit Singha, Ruairí Brett, Jacob Fallica, Andrew Hanlon, Ben Hörz
arXiv:1707.05817 [hep-ph]
Light-by-light forward scattering sum rules for charmonium states
I. Danilkin, Marc Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1705.01179 [hep-ph]
From deep inelastic scattering to heavy-flavor semi-leptonic decays: Total rates into multi-hadron final states from lattice QCD
M.T. Hansen, H.B. Meyer, D. Robaina
arXiv:1704.08993 [hep-lat]
The hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon g-2 from lattice QCD
M. Della Morte, A. Francis, V. Gülpers, G. Herdoíza, G. von Hippel, H. Horch, B. Jäger, H.B. Meyer, A. Nyffeler, H. Wittig
arXiv:1705.01775 [hep-lat]
Iso-vector axial form factors of the nucleon in two-flavour lattice QCD
S. Capitani, M. Della Morte, D. Djukanovic, G.M. von Hippel, J. Hua, B. Jäger, P.M. Junnarkar, H.B. Meyer, T.D. Rae, H. Wittig
arXiv:1705.06186 [hep-lat]
Analysis of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering Data at Jefferson Lab and Proton Tomography
R. Dupré, M. Guidal, S. Niccolai, M. Vanderhaeghen
1704.07330 [hep-ph]
Radiative decays χcJ → Vγ within the QCD factorisation framework
N. Kivel, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1703.10383 [hep-ph]
Forward two-photon exchange in elastic lepton-proton scattering and hyperfine splitting correction
O. Tomalak
arXiv:1701.05514 [hep-ph]