Prof. Dr. Marc Vanderhaeghen

Professional and Scientifc Career

 1995:  PhD, University of Gent, Belgium
 1995-1998:  Postdoc SPhN/DAPNIA, Saclay, France 
 1998-2000:  Postdoc Institute for Nuclear Physics, JGU Mainz
 2000:  Habilitation in theoretical physics, JGU Mainz 
 2000-2003:  Privatdozent, JGU Mainz
 2003-2007:  Senior Staff Scientist, Jefferson Lab
 2003-2007:  Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary
 since 2008:  Adjunct Professor, College of William and Mary
 since 2008:  Full Professor, JGU Mainz
since Nov. 2012:  Fellow of the American Physical Society


Research Highlights

  • QCD and exclusive processes
  • generalized parton distributions
  • two-photon exchange processes
  • real and virtual Compton scattering processes
  • chiral symmetry predictions for electromagnetic processes spin structure of the nucleon, sum rules
  • photo and electroproduction as a probe of hadron structure

Present PhD Students

  • Oleksii Gryniuk, "Timelike Compton scattering"
  • Daniel Molnar, "Theoretical studies of exotics in the charmonium region"
  • Viacheslav Tsaran, "Coherent neutral pion production on nuclei"
  • Matthias Heller, "Radiative corrections in electron scattering"

Present Master Students

  • Oleksandra Deineka

Former PhD Students



Publications (local) and from inSPIRE