Preprints 2014

Suppression of excited-state effects in lattice determination of nucleon electromagnetic form factors
G.M. von Hippel, S. Capitani, D. Djukanovic, J. Hua, B. Jäger, P. Junnarkar, H.B. Meyer, T.D. Rae, H. Wittig
arXiv:1411.4804 [hep-lat]

Nucleon axial form factors from two-flavour Lattice QCD
P.M. Junnarkar, S. Capitani, D. Djukanovic, G. von Hippel, J. Hua, B. Jäger, H.B. Meyer, T.D. Rae, H. Wittig
arXiv:1411.5828 [hep-lat]

The leading disconnected contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
A. Francis, V. Gülpers, B. Jäger, H. Meyer, G. von Hippel, H. Wittig
arXiv:1411.7592 [hep-lat]

Lattice QCD studies of the leading order hadronic contribution to the muon g−2
A. Francis, V. Gülpers, G. Herdoiza, G. von Hippel, H. Horch, B. Jäger, H. B. Meyer, E. Shintani, H. Wittig
arXiv:1411.3031 [hep-lat]

Simulation of QCD with N_f=2+1 flavors of non-perturbatively improved Wilson fermions
M. Bruno, D. Djukanovic, G. P. Engel, A. Francis, G. Herdoiza, H. Horch, P. Korcyl, T. Korzec, M. Papinutto, S. Schaefer, E. E. Scholz, J. Simeth, H. Simma, W. Söldner
arXiv:1411.3982 [hep-lat]

The leading hadronic contribution to (g-2) of the muon: The chiral behavior using the mixed representation method
A. Francis, V. Guelpers, G. Herdoiza, H. Horch, B. Jaeger, H. B. Meyer, H. Wittig
arXiv:1410.7491 [hep-lat]

Chiral dynamics in the low-temperature phase of QCD
B. B. Brandt, A. Francis, H. B. Meyer, D. Robaina
arXiv:1410.5981 [hep-lat]

Dispersive evaluation of the D-term form factor in deeply virtual Compton scattering
B. Pasquini, M.V. Polyakov, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1407.5960 [hep-ph]

Vector form factor of the pion in chiral effective field theory
D. Djukanovic, J. Gegelia, A. Keller, S. Scherer and L. Tiator
arXiv:1410.3801 [hep-ph]

Polarizability sum rule across real and virtual Compton scattering processes
V. Pascalutsa, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1409.5236 [nucl-th]

Anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in a dispersive approach
V. Pauk, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1409.0819 [hep-ph]

Subtracted dispersion relation formalism for the two-photon exchange correction to elastic electron-proton scattering: comparison with data
O. Tomalak, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1408.5330 [hep-ph]

Gold-plated moments of nucleon structure functions in baryon chiral perturbation theory
V. Lensky, J. M. Alarcón, V. Pascalutsa
arXiv:1407.2574 [hep-ph]

Hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment Workshop. (g−2)μ, Quo vadis? Workshop. Mini proceedings
T. Blum, P. Masjuan, M. Vanderhaeghen (Eds.)
arXiv:1407.4021 [hep-ph]

Chiral dynamics in the low-temperature phase of QCD
B.B. Brandt, A. Francis, H.B. Meyer and D. Robaina
arXiv:1406.5602 [hep-lat]

Forward sum rule for the 2γ-exchange correction to the charge radius extraction from elastic electron scattering
M. Gorchtein
arXiv:1406.1612 [nucl-th]

High precision fundamental constants at the TeV scale
S. Moch, S. Weinzierl, S. Alekhin, J. Blumlein, L. de la Cruz, S. Dittmaier, M. Dowling, J. Erler, J.R. Espinosa, J. Fuster, X. Garcia i Tormo, A.H. Hoang, A. Huss, S. Kluth, M. Mulders, A.S. Papanastasiou, J. Piclum, K. Rabbertz, C. Schwinn, M. Schulze, E. Shintani, P. Uwer, N. Zerf
arXiv:1405.4781 [hep-ph]

Proton polarizabilities from polarized Compton scattering: low-energy expansion
N. Krupina
arXiv:1405.1294 [nucl-th]

Two-photon exchange corrections in elastic muon-proton scattering
O. Tomalak, M. Vanderhaeghen
Phys. Rev. D 90, 013006 (2014), arXiv:1405.1600 [hep-ph]

Decay constants of B-mesons from non-perturbative HQET with two light dynamical quarks
F. Bernardoni, B. Blossier, J. Bulava, M. Della Morte, P. Fritzsch, N. Garron, A. Gérardin, J. Heitger, G. von Hippel, H. Simma, R. Sommer
arXiv:1404.3590 [hep-lat]

A relation between screening masses and real-time rates
B. B. Brandt, A. Francis, M. Laine and H. B. Meyer
arXiv:1404.2404 [hep-ph]

Two-loop massive scalar three-point function in a dispersive approach
V. Pauk, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1403.7503 [hep-ph]

QCD and strongly-coupled gauge theories: challenges and perspectives
H. Meyer, G. von Hippel, H. Wittig (+many more)
arXiv:1404.3723 [hep-ph]

Light meson dynamics workshop. Mini-proceedings
W. Gradl, P. Masjuan, M. Ostrick, S. Scherer
arXiv:1403.6380 [hep-ph]

η and η′ transition form factors from Padé approximants
P. Masjuan, P. Sanchez-Puertas
arXiv:1410.4327 [hep-ph]

Pseudoscalar transition form factors from rational approximants
P. Masjuan
arXiv:1402.4951 [hep-ph]

Hadron form factors and large-Nc phenomenology
P. Masjuan, E. Ruiz Arriola, W. Broniowski
arXiv:1402.3947 [hep-ph]

Surpassing Wigner’s causality bound in relativistic scattering with zero-range interaction
V. Pascalutsa
arXiv:1402.4973 [nucl-th]

Electromagnetic transition form factors of the Roper resonance in effective field theory
T. Bauer, S. Scherer, L. Tiator
arXiv:1402.0741 [nucl-th]

Covariant approximation averaging
E. Shintani, T. Blum, T. Izubuchi, R. Arthur, C. Lehner
arXiv:1402.0244 [hep-lat]

Single meson contributions to the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment
V. Pauk, M. Vanderhaeghen
arXiv:1401.0832 [hep-ph]